About Marcia Inklebarger

Marcia, Native to Union County, grew up dancing all over East Tennessee.  In her spare time, Marcia enjoys reading while drinking coffee, spending time with family, and dancing.  After spending 7 years in administrative positions, Marcia transitioned to real estate to enable her to spend time on two things she is very passionate about: people and houses.  She enjoys meeting new people and hearing their unique stories.  Marcia’s customer service experience in small business and public service feeds her dedication to finding, not just any property, but the right property her clients.  As a graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Marcia understands the value of education and strives to continue in education with each professional endeavor.  

Johnathan Kincaid Real Estate Agent in Knoxville

Buying a home, whether it is your first or hundredth, is a big purchase, and Marcia is dedicated to her clients through every step.  Marcia strives for integrity and truth in every avenue of life. As a wife and mom, she understands that life can be chaotic and that requires some flexibility, but the most important thing is having strong integrity and holding fast to the truth.

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